Bistritz Repeats as State Champion, Girls Team takes 5th!

The Girls team finished 5th in the State Division II race

The CFXC Girls ran in their 10th State Meet, including 4 in the past 5 years, this Saturday in Columbus.

Annie Zimmer (5th in 18:30) and Natane Deruytter (22nd in 19:13) led the team with All-Ohio performances. Both girls improved their best State Meet performance, Zimmer by 16s, Deruytter by 12s. Halle McClintock was the 3rd Tiger to cross the line in 19:55. Hailey Lowe finished in 20:29, 56 seconds better than her State Meet race in 2014. Emily Owen also bested her previous State Meet time by 9 seconds, to 20:34. Catherine Coffey (20:37) and Lena Nazelli (21:22) both premiered at the State Meet with races that helped boost the Tigers to a 5th place finish.

The Girls Top 5 ran an average of 19:45 and Top 7 ran an average of 20:05. The Girls Top 5 was spread by 2:04 and the Top 7 was spread by 2:52. 6 Girls also earned Academic All-Ohio honors.

Bistritz claims his second State Championship

Joe Bistritz won his second State Title in the Division II race. Bistritz improved upon his 2014 performance by running 15:16, 28 seconds faster than he ran for his previous best on the course. Bistritz caps his CFXC career as the most decorated Tiger runner in program history with 4 trips to the State Meet, finishing 56th in 2012, 2nd in 2013, 1st in 2014 and 1st in 2015.

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Girls Top 7

18:30 - Zimmer (Course Best)
19:16 - Deruytter (Course Best)
19:55 - McClintock
20:29 - Lowe (Course Best)
20:34 - Owen (Course Best)
20:37 - Coffey
21:22 - Nazelli

Boys Top 7

15:16 - Bistritz (State Champion)


Coffey - 21:00 - 20:37