Tuesday Tune Up With Lizzie Halper

Lizzie Halper finished her senior year of cross country with a PR of 24:19, but somewhere in her mind and in her heart, she knew could do more. Lizzie started running with the Winter running group twice a week and decided to go after a goal. She wanted to break 6:00 in the mile. Her previous PR was in the 6:40s. She knew it was a big jump, but she believed in herself and knew that with patience, hard work and consistency she could do anything.

She trained consistently and began to come nearer, and eventually hit, the workout paces that indicated she could run a 6:00 mile. She started the track season with a huge PR of 6:16 and eventually dropped to 6:05. She also dropped her 3200m time from 13:25 to 12:57 on a blistering cold and windy day at the conference meet. When the season was over, she felt like she had more fuel in her tank, so she ran a few timed miles with Coach Clay and Coach Lisa and achieved her goal... 5:59!

Next, it was the 5k. She knew her improvements in the mile would translate to a much faster 5k time than she ran in the Fall. First, she ran the Gates Mills 5k setting a new PR of 21:27. Then she got back to training... she put in a few Summer month's worth of consistent work. She ran again at the Independence 5k and ran another PR of 21:03, taking 2nd in her age group. Lizzie improved her 1600m time by 11% and her 5k time by 14% in less than 8 months.

"I am so inspired by Lizzie. Her commitment to her goals, her patience through the process and her focus during training and races is outstanding. I've never seen someone come so far in such a short amount of time. She always believed in herself in the classroom and in other areas of life, but her belief in herself as a runner and a competitor has really blossomed this year." – Coach Clay Burnett.

Somewhere though the process of training and improving Lizzie decided that she would like to run in college. She chose Kenyon and she will be running for the Kenyon Cross Country team this Fall.